January 20, 2015

Rotary Means Business – A Rotary International Fellowship

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Download minutes here January 20, 2014 5:00 pm GMT -8:00 Next meeting – April 21, 2015 – 5:00 pm GMT -8:00 Present: Mark Burchill, Chair (Rotary Club of Santa Rosa, California USA), Wayne Rowlands, Secretary (Rotary Club of Santa Rosa, California USA), Bill Fishman, Board Member (Rotary Club of White Plains, New York USA), Kris Anderson, Board Member (Rotary Club of Santa Rosa, California USA) Absent: Sachin Gururaj, Board Member (Rotary Club of Bangalore Yelahanka, India), Arthur Claxton, Board Member (Rotary Club of Surrey Guildford, British Columbia, Canada), Yale Abrams, Vice Chair (Rotary Club of Santa Rosa, California USA), John McHugh, Treasurer (Rotary Club of Santa Rosa, California, USA), Tony Benner (Rotary Club of Sydney, Australia) The meeting was called to order at 5:10PM PST by the Rotary Means Business Fellowship Chairman, Mark Burchill. For remote members, we connected via a Google Hangout which worked well. Minutes from July 22, 2014 meeting were approved. Financial Report: Mark Burchill noted that John McHugh would have the bank account balances, although Mark believed that the bank account balance was positive and there were no issues. Membership Report: Mark Burchill noted that we will be billing all members beginning in the fiscal year July 2015.

Old Business

• None

New Business

• Bill Fishman will be going to the RMB International Convention this year and will represent Rotary Means Business at SÃO PAULO, Brazil in June. Meeting adjourned – 5:35 pm • Upcoming RMB Fellowship board meetings: o April 21, 2015 o July 21, 2015 o October 20, 2015 o Regular schedule: 3rd Tuesday of 1st month in quarter (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct)]]>

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