November 12, 2013

Rotary Means Business – A Rotary International Fellowship

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

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November 12, 2013 5:00 pm GMT -8:00

Next meeting – January 21, 2013 – 5:00 pm GMT -8:00 (see information within the meeting notes)

Present: Mark Burchill (Rotary Club of Santa Rosa, California USA), Yale Abrams (Rotary Club of Santa Rosa, California USA), Troy Carrington (Rotary Club of Santa Rosa, California USA), Wayne Rowlands (Rotary Club of Santa Rosa, California USA) The meeting was called to order by the Rotary Means Business Chairman, Mark Burchill.


The Rotary International Fellowship of Rotary Means Business was approved earlier this month. Rotary Means Business is now a Rotary International Fellowship. We will comply with all the Rotary International requirements and will spread the word to fellow Rotarians.


The meeting convened as a meeting of the Rotary Means Business NorCal Steering Committee

The Rotary Means Business NorCal Chapter adopted the Rotary Means Business (RMB) bylaws. All directors of RMB NorCal resigned Mark Burchill and Wayne Rowlands offered to serve on the RMB NorCal Steering Committee Wayne Rowlands became the Chair and Mark Burchill became the Vice Chair with terms expiring June 30, 2014 The meeting was adjourned to the Fellowship Board meeting

Then the Fellowship Board meeting was convened at 5:15 pm

The following RMB members offered to serve on the RMBF Board until elections can be held: Terms expiring June 30, 2014:           Mark Burchill – Rotary Club of Santa Rosa, California, USA, Wayne Rowlands – Rotary Club of Santa Rosa, California, USA, Arthur Claxton – Rotary Club of Surrey Guildford, British Columbia, Canada, Tony Benner – Rotary Club of Sydney, Australia Terms expiring June 30, 2015:           Yale Abrams – Rotary Club of Santa Rosa, California, USA, John McHugh – Rotary Club of Santa Rosa, California, USA, Troy Carrington – Rotary Club of Santa Rosa, California, USA, Sachin Gururaj – Rotary Club of Bangalore Yelahanka, India The Fellowship Board has room for up to three additional directors. The following officers were appointed: Chair: Mark Burchill Vice Chair: Yale Abrams Secretary: Wayne Rowlands Treasurer: John McHugh Directors: Troy Carrington, Sachin Gururaj, Arthur Claxton, and Tony Benner. Legal help – We will be making contact with fellow Rotarians who are attorneys to help with legal matters such as incorporation, logo trademarks, and other legal matters. We plan to reach out to Rotarians Norm Owen and Mike Merrill who are both Past District Governors and current members of District 5130 and have had prior experience with Rotarian matters. Logo Trademark – We plan to reach out Rotary International and request financial support for the Rotary Means Business logo to be trademarked as the request for trademarking was initiated by Rotary International. Website Terms of Use – We plan to enlist the help of some Rotarian volunteers to write the Terms of Use Policy that will go to the Rotary Means Business website. RMB Chapters vs. Groups – We propose that RMB Chapters pay a fee to join the fellowship. Groups will not be required to pay a fee. A Chapter is associated with a District of Rotary International (example: RMB NorCal). A Group is where a number of members create forum to discuss a specific topic (example: Rotarians in Real Estate). Calendar Submissions on the RMB Website – Chapters will have the authority to manage calendar submissions to the website. Chapter Benefits – a list of chapter benefits will be outlined in the next few months. Privacy Settings on the Website – Privacy settings will be constantly enhanced so that privacy of members is secured. We must also understand that people who are in business want to be found and their contact information is pubic so that they can do business. We will maintain a public view for each member and a private view that can only be viewed by registered members. Privacy settings will be good for such things as private conversations between members. Elections – Elections will be held once a year for officers of the Rotary Means Business Fellowship. Elections will be publicized multiple times before the election takes place, according to the process outlined in the approved Fellowship By-Laws. The election will be electronic and will be held on the Rotary Means Business website. The dates of the next election, nominations, and the election dates will be forthcoming. Upcoming Rotary International Convention in Sydney, Australia – Rotary Means Business will host a booth at the convention. Anyone that wishes to be part of this is welcome. Please make contact with RMB Chair Mark Burchill. Next Meeting – The next meeting has been set to January 21, 2013 at 5:00 pm GMT -8:00 to be held at the home of Wayne Rowlands and also will be held on Skype. Anyone that wishes to be included on Skype will want to reach out to Wayne Rowlands at Skype address wayne_rowlands prior to the meeting. You will be conferenced-in on the meeting. If you are using Skype, please make sure you have a good Internet connection. Meeting adjourned – 6:00 pm


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