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Please use the links in the sidebar menu to find answers to some frequently asked questions.

To access your member account settings menu, you must be a member and be logged on to the website. Once logged on, you will find your account settings in you profile.  Select profile from the top right of the menu bar.

When you first become a member, your profile does not include your photo unless you have a Gravatar associated with your email. Let’s fix this as this will make it easier for people to find you and interact with you.

In order to change your profile photo (also know as an avatar), you must be logged in. From the Member Account Settings Menu (upper right corner of the webpage), hover over Profile, and then move to Change Avatar and click. See the image below.

The Change Avatar page will appear (see image below). You will now be able to add an image from your computer’s webcam or an image file from your computer. Choose one of the two links.

If you uploaded an image from your webcam and submitted it, you are done and your new image will show up on the site.

If you uploaded an image file, the Crop Image page will now appear. Using your mouse, hold down on a crop button and crop your image so that it looks the way that you wish. Once the image looks right to you, click on the Crop Image button and your new photo (avatar) will be added to your profile.

You can repeat this if you want to change your photo.

You can change the email settings for each group that you are a member. Some people like to see every post to a group the instant that it posted. Others may want a daily digest or weekly summary. As a member, you are in charge! For each group, you can change the setting for sending email to you as No Email, Weekly Summary, Daily Digest, New Topics, and All Email. Te default setting for each group may be different than the setting that you wish. Here is how you can manage your settings:

Go to your Member Account Settings Menu (upper right hand corner of the webpage) and mouse over Groups and then click on Memberships.

You will now be in your Groups Memberships Directory. From here you will be able to change the email settings (see the image below).

Once you click on the setting that you want, your settings will be updated for the future.

If you wish to delete your membership, please follow these steps.

Log into your account. Go to the Profile and choose member “Settings”. Click on settings. Now click “Delete Account.”

Now you will see the confirmation page for your account deletion. Please check the box that you understand that deleting your account is not recoverable. Click the “Delete Account” submit button and you will be done.

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